Trudeau trades wife for rainbow socks, fuelling rumours of a new ‘prime’ relationship

OTTAWA – Renowned drama teacher-turned-Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has yet again shocked the Canadian public with his latest act. After an unexpected split with his wife, Trudeau is setting the stage for his most colorful performance yet.

“Just when we thought he was done changing characters, he goes ahead and stuns us with this!” quipped a local maple syrup connoisseur, Pierre Lapierre. “First, he was Aladdin, then a Native American War Chief. For a hot minute, he was a pandemic dictator. What’s next?”

Trudeau’s recent divorce announcement sent shockwaves through the nation, with eyebrows across the country rising faster than Canadian inflation rates. The unexpected move has only added fuel to the rumors, kindling speculation that Trudeau’s apparent coziness with politicians like Jagmeet Singh and Emmanuel Macron was more than just diplomatic relations.

“Many have suggested Trudeau loves attending LGBTQ+ parades, even more than he loves apologizing for historical events,” said retired hockey player Gordie MacKenzie, chewing on a poutine fry.

Known for his immaculate hair and ever-changing roles, Trudeau has often been accused of caring more about his appearance than his policies. So much so, it’s rumored that his next budget includes a line item for ‘National Haircare Initiatives.’

But the question that is now looming over Ottawa’s foggy horizon, as suspenseful as the final minutes of a tied hockey game, is whether Trudeau will seize this opportunity to reveal his true self, or if this is merely another character in his extensive repertoire.

We await further developments, with MacKenzie offering the final nugget of wisdom: “If Trudeau starts dyeing his hair rainbow colors, we’ll know it’s not just the Northern Lights putting on a show.”

As the curtain rises on this new act, one thing is clear – politics in Canada is about to become more colorful, one Trudeau sock at a time.