New BBC game show: ‘Pin the Tail on the Pervert!'” emerges from scandal

In a world where scandal is the new normal and disbelief is a thing of the past, BBC is bringing the guessing game of “who’s the latest pervert?” to your living room with its new game show, “Pin the Tail on the Pervert!”

When yet another BBC news host was accused of soliciting inappropriate pictures, the public didn’t miss a beat. The gasps weren’t of shock, but instead, bookies around the country heard the sound of odds recalculating. Because, apparently, the only real surprise at the BBC these days is when someone hasn’t done anything morally questionable.

BBC, forever trying to spin a PR disaster into a television gold, decided to embrace the new norm with open arms. “Why fight the tide?” a BBC spokesperson, wearing a suspiciously wide grin, asked. “If the public wants to play detective, why not make a game of it?”

Following the announcement, the nation’s favorite pastime quickly became guessing which one of the esteemed hosts would be the next to have their dirty laundry aired. With bookies having a field day, the nation stood by, popcorn in hand, watching the BBC make yet another turn in the self-created whirlpool of scandal.

“Pin the Tail on the Pervert!” is expected to feature silhouettes of the most beloved hosts, with viewers asked to call in their guess on who the latest bad apple is. It’s the kind of wholesome family entertainment that one expects from the company that defended Jimmy Savile and has a proven track record of turning a blind eye to heinous crimes.

The public reaction was mixed, with many simply rolling their eyes and going back to their detective work. After all, when the BBC is more interested in turning scandal into profit rather than preventing it, what else can one do but sit back and watch the grim spectacle?