Matt Hancock announces new career path: becoming a TikTok star

In a move as surprising as his resignation, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced his latest career pivot: becoming a TikTok star. The announcement came after Hancock posted a cringeworthy video of himself miming to Ryan Gosling’s epic ballad ‘I’m Just Ken’ from the Barbie film.

“I’ve had enough of politics,” Hancock stated, while sporting a Ken doll costume. “It’s time to explore new horizons. And what better way to do that than by becoming a TikTok sensation?”

Indeed, the move has already begun to spark interest among Hancock’s critics. “We finally found a use for his theatrical talents,” one political commentator was heard to comment.

This novel approach has been met with resounding laughter from the TikTok community, who were last seen creating a new dance challenge based on Hancock’s video – the #KenoughChallenge.

However, the political community has reacted with cautious optimism to Hancock’s innovative career solution. “I mean, as long as it keeps him out of politics,” said one MP, who wished to remain anonymous due to their unexplainable fondness for parliamentary debates and political scandals.

Hancock has not clarified how exactly he plans to turn his political career into a TikTok sensation. But critics have suggested that he might tap into his uncanny ability to dodge political bullets, turning it into a knack for dodging virtual tomatoes on his new TikTok escapades.

As the story unfolds, the world watches with bated breath – and a healthy dose of skepticism – to see if Hancock’s grand plan to turn a political scandal into a viral dance challenge will succeed. Or, at the very least, if it will manage to recharge his reputation with the public.

Meanwhile, Hancock, ever the optimist, defended his TikTok venture, stating, “In politics, it’s all about connecting with the people. And what better way to do that than through the universal language of dance? I’m not just joining TikTok, I’m joining the future of communication. And to celebrate this, I’m launching a line of ‘Do the Cabinet Shuffle’ t-shirts next month.”

In the final act of this unexpected career pivot, Hancock is swapping the security of taxpayer dollars for the unpredictable tides of internet stardom. His ‘Do the Cabinet Shuffle’ t-shirts aren’t just a plea for likes and shares, but a desperate bid to monetize his newfound fame. In the TikTok universe, it’s not the House of Commons that determines your value, but the merciless court of public opinion. So, as Hancock pirouettes into this new chapter, it’s clear that his dance card is far from full. The question remains: will the public buy into his new routine, or will they leave him dancing solo on the digital stage?